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Do you already know our new sustainable product range? Find out everything about our new product lines called LIFECYCLE and RECYCLED!

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Applications & Innovation

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Responsible sewing thread production for people and the environment

As a global company, AMANN takes responsibility for customers, employees, society and the environment. Ecological, social thinking and acting is embedded in our DNA. Sustainability is a recurring theme in our corporate philosophy.

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AMANN as an employer

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Outstanding know-how, superb product quality and spirited innovative strength make us a leading
manufacturer of sewing and embroidery threads. The AMANN Group has been writing its own
success story for almost two centuries. Become a part of it!

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Always well advised with the AMANN service

Sewing and embroidery consulting on the highest technical level

Our sewing and embroidery threads are more than just textile fibres. As powerful, intelligent technology products, they stand for
individuality and innovation. Our range of services makes the seam perfect: With AMANN you gain an experienced and
competent partner for whom the functionality and economy of the products are just as important as a flawless appearance.
Which applies worldwide, of course.

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AMANN has been producing sewing threads and yarns for a wide range of applications since 1854. Consequently, AMANN sewing threads are not only used in the textile industry. From sewing threads for leather to sewing threads for the automotive sector (sewing threads for passenger safety systems and seating and interior systems): the AMANN product range covers a large number of demanding application scenarios. The AMANN Group develops and manufactures its embroidery threads and sewing threads at its own production sites in Europe and Asia and in close collaboration with its customers. As a global player, AMANN relies on sustainable, fair and safe production processes in the manufacturing of its products.

The sewing threads of AMANN

The range of AMANN products is large and diverse. From the classic sewing thread to embroidery threads for all sorts of applications, as well as smart yarns, AMANN has the right thread for every requirement and every conceivable industry. Seams have to meet certain requirements: They should be water-repellent, elastic, soft, UV-resistant, flame-retardant, dyeable, infrared-absorbent or conductive. The special threads and special yarns of AMANN meet these criteria.

The smart yarns of AMANN

Whether for use in the clothing industry or in high-tech applications: The sewing threads and embroidery threads of AMANN offer reliable quality and functionality. Alongside the classical areas, smart yarns are increasingly gaining in importance. Both conductive threads and composites as well as sensor threads are a promising further development of the sewing threads and embroidery threads of AMANN and important components of innovative technologies.

The future of sewing threads

Sewing threads and embroidery threads have been used beyond the confines of the textile segment for many years. Smart yarns are already considered to be the future of the thread. The intelligent embroidery threads and sewing threads can be used in areas such as medicine, where conductive threads can alleviate pain or embroidered sensor threads measure vital data. Other future uses of smart yarns include, for example, composites for use as fibre composite material. These intelligent products for the textile issues of tomorrow are created in the AMANN Innovation Lab.